Exclusive: As members of Burma's Muslim Rohingya minority are forced into camps after violent clashes, the government bans international observers - but Channel 4 News gains access

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A number of international media organisations are now managing to gain access to Rohingya camps and this is the first look at shocking scenes of how the village of Narzi has been completely destroyed during clashes.

Our committment to ensuring that media organisations cover the plight and suffering of the Rohingya is unwavering and we continue to work to enable more reports of a similar nature to surface.

Our official statement:

Restless Beings remains committed to bringing to the media and public attention, the ongoing abuses by state-backed ethnic clashes towards the Rohingya. Our biggest concern right now is of the aid crisis - we urge the international community and the Burmese government specifically to allow for a safe passage of aid to Arakan. This should be followed by the collective international community pressuring Burma to its last steps towards democratisation - rights for ALL ethnic minorities and recognition of Rohingya as citizens of the country of Myanmar.

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