Our Kyrgyzstan Women's Rights project 'Ala Kachuu' has been operational since April 2012. Ala Kachuu or bride kidnapping in English is a Kyrgyz tradition which is often abused leaving women devastated with long term mental and physical scars and most often broken homes and broken lives.

Our project works on three key fronts:

Providing support/counseling to Ala-Kachuu victims through a helpline
On-going support in our transit home and centre for displaced women
Educational outreach programme for long term alleviation of non consensual Ala-Kachuu.
Kyrgyzstan is a Muslim majority country and Ramadan is normally a time where families unite. Last year, we asked our supporters to help with Eid gifts for street children at our project in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This year, we've prepared some options for you to help support the women at our project in Kyrgyzstan. These women are currently living in a refuge centre with barely enough to eat, on small bunk beds and cramped conditions. We want to give these women and their children some basics that they do not have and desperately need as well as some treats to give them a special Eid. Please help us bring more smiles to the faces of more voiceless members of our global family. See options below:

Eid Hamper > £30

A new set of clothes, a towel, hair brush, hair band, face cream, pocket mirror, shampoo, toothpaste, soap, (toys and clothes for any children they have) and an Eid day feast and family outing - £30

Campaign is now over, thank you for you generous donations.
3 Month Support package > £90

Covering food, accommodation, psychological support, mentoring, life skills workshops, legal advice and long term resettling support for women at the crisis centre - £90

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Monthly Support package > £15

Two options available

  1. Help support our helpline for victims of Ala Kachuu who can call in and seek both counselling and legal advice - £5/month

PayPal — The safer, easier way to pay online.
2. Providing support for helpline for AlaKachuu victims, basic counseling for women at crisis centre, educational outreach programme to areas most affected by non consensual bride kidnapping - £15/month

PayPal — The safer, easier way to pay online.
or donate however much you want, big or small:)

PayPal — The safer, easier way to pay online.
Currently we have 11 women and 3 children at the transit centre. For every Eid Hamper donated, you will have the choice of adding your own special gift card with your own message. Anyone wishing to donate the 3 month package will be sent monthly updates of how their money is being used and anyone wishing to donate monthly will also receive regular updates and pictures from the centre.

We have a mix of women staying at the crisis centre from those escaping bride abduction, to human trafficking to domestic violence. Below are some profiles of some of the omen staying with us right now:

S / 22 years / 1 child - 4 years (fem) / Pregnant (fem). Victim of severe domestic violence. Her husband and mother in law kicked her out from home, because her first child was a girl and she is expecting another daughter. Her in laws wanted a grandson and as a result, removed her from the house.
E /30 years old / 1 child - 9 months (m). Victim of abuse by her brother and her mother. Her husband, did not want to deal with the psychological effects of her abuse from her own family and shunned her from marital home. After suffering physical abuse she was left with no alternative but to seek help especially with her daughter being very young.
Z./ 25 years / victim of sexual slavery / returned from the United Arab Emirates where she was sold and used as prostitute against her will. She was tricked into going to UAE. Since her return she has been rejected by her family and her community.

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