Date: Saturday 28th July 2012
Time: Starts at 3pm and will end at 7pm
Location: Meet at Royal Victoria Station on DLR line - End point Stratford Olympic Village

What should you wear?

Be colourful, free of any bags etc, and able to be fun, active and energetic

What will you need?

Absolutely nothing apart from the fare you may need on DLR to move from Royal Victoria to Stratford

This week the Olympics finally come to London - and the worlds eyes will be on our great city - and what better opportunity to help raise awareness for human rights abuses happening right now in Burma against the Rohingya community.

On Saturday some of the Burmese athletes will be performing at ExCel and we have been granted permission to have a peaceful demonstration to highlight our concerns for the Rohingya. The idea is to have a peaceful, colourful and visually attractive fun demonstration to catch the eye of all the spectators to raise awareness of the Rohingya plight.

From there we will be making a short trip on the DLR to Stratford where we will make our way down to the Olympic village at which point we will stop and have some fun and games to engage with athletes and spectators alike before calling the day to an end.

We need as many people as possible to come along and raise awareness in a fun, colourful and visually enticing way :)

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