Hey there! Do you want to get involved in the Restless Beings video promo?

This is open to everyone and will only take a couple of minutes of your time and will not even require you to leave your rooms!

We would love for you to get a video message recorded and sent over to us. Our idea is that you start the video with "I feel restless because..." and then say whatever you feel restless about, be it the traffic in your city or more worldly issues like poverty. Whatever you like, it's all entirely up to you. You can use your web cam, phone camera or even your video camera to film it. Then just send it over to us! We will take snippets of this for a video campaign which will be launched in spring 2009. So, be as creative as you like and speak in whichever language you prefer. The more varied the better. The only thing we ask is that you send us a translation of what you've said so we can subtitle it.

Send it to [email protected]

We look forward to SEEING you soon!

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