On the day of love remember those who do not have the opportunity to love

Our team will be roaming the streets of London for a fun Valentines day campaign helping to raise awareness about bride kidnapping across the world. We will be taking photographs of willing couples. The couple's photograph with the most likes on Facebook will win a special RestlessBeings prize and LUSH gift set.

14 February 2013 London locations & Time:

Outside the Tate Modern, Embankment > 4pm - 6pm
Across Embankment > 7pm - 9pm
Potters Field > 7pm - 9pm
Contact: [email protected]
Who is affected by Ala Kachuu?

Initially our research on Ala Kachuu led us to believe this practice is prevalent amongst the Uighur people but after our trip to Kyrgyzstan in 2011, we realised that women across Central Asia are affected by Ala Kachuu. Learn more about the project here


Focus on Ala Kachuu localised and centralised in Kyrgyzstan but also look at other parts of the world and how they can help women in Kyrgyzstan.

To continue research on Ala Kachuu in Kyrgyzstan and around Central Asia.
To raise awareness of Ala Kachuu and combat it's practice.
To build a network nationally in Kyrgyzstan and internationally, to enable and facilitate a counselling service for women using support from other countries.
To evaluate the impact of our work and undertake field research.
10 facts about Ala Khachu

An estimated 50% of marriages in the country are the result of Ala Kachuu
More than two-thirds of these are non-consensual kidnappings
Until earlier this year, the sentance given for stealing livestock was more than the charge for bride kidnapping
Ala Kachuu is a form of bride kidnapping stemming from an ancient romantic tradition gone awry
Largely non consensual and often involves the violent mistreatment and rape of women.
Most of these marriages end up in domestic violence,repeated rape, forced abortions and eventually broken families
Even when sex does not take place, once a woman has been kept overnight, even for a single night, her virginity is put in doubt in her community
Victim usually feels that she has no choice but to agree
some of those who refuse even commit suicide after the kidnapping.
our centre in Kyrgyzstan currently serves distress calls and victims of ala kachuu helping to rebuild their lives through psychological counselling and legal advice
Our project works on three key fronts:

Providing support/counseling to Ala-Kachuu victims through a helpline
On-going support in our transit home and centre for displaced women
Educational outreach programme for long term alleviation of non consensual Ala-Kachuu.
The project currently costs us £550/month and we desperately require your assistance to reach this figure

Monthly Support package > £15

Three options available

  1. Help support our helpline for victims of Ala Kachuu who can call in and seek both counselling and legal advice - £5/month

PayPal — The safer, easier way to pay online.
2. Providing support for helpline for AlaKachuu victims, basic counseling for women at crisis centre - £10/month

PayPal — The safer, easier way to pay online.
3. Providing support for helpline for AlaKachuu victims, basic counseling for women at crisis centre, educational outreach programme to areas most affected by non consensual bride kidnapping - £15/month

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Generic donations appreciated using the donate button at the top right of the page

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