Ramadan is a spiritual time for Muslims across the globe which includes the physical strains of hunger and the commitment to be focussed on spirituality throughout the month. For the Rohingya who have escaped the violence of the Genocide in Burma, the heartache of losing family members, spouses, children and parents and the physical demands of living in the poorest conditions in refugee camps, Ramadan is a time of great difficulty.

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Restless Beings have been standing by the Rohingya for ten years now in different crises across the region in Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Burma and Bangladesh. This Ramadan, we hope to offer a number of options for you to support the 1 million plus Rohingya refugees.

  • Ramadan Food Packages in Bangladesh, Burma and Malaysia (Zakat,Fidya, Sadaqah)
  • Water Wells for Rohingya camps (Sadaqah)
  • Rohingya Rape Victims Women’s Centre Support (providing counselling, dignified breast feeding and prayer facilities, educational opportunities) (Sadaqa)
  • Rohingya Children’s Learning Space (educational opportunities for Rohingya children who have been cut off from education upto the age of 18) (Sadaqa)

This year, our Ramadan food packs for Rohingya genocide survivors has been designed after consultation with the Rohingya in the camps. They felt that too many organisations provided bland food packs which they found difficult to eat and fast with.

As a result we have made sure that the food packs that we will give to the Rohingya this year contain more nutritional value and that they will last for the month of Ramadan and beyond. Last year, despite all the media attention, it is estimated that only 62% of the Rohingya received any sort of assistance during Ramadan. Our research also shows that more than 90% of all Rohingya choose to fast during the month of Ramadan and that includes the elderly, young children and those who still struggle with health issues. Its imperative therefore that we can provide food for this challenging physical and spiritual time of year. Each food pack costs £30 (zakat, fidya and sadaqah compatible) and we will be providing the following items which will feed a family of upto 6 people for a month:

  • 15kg Rice
  • 5kg Lentils (Daal)
  • 5kg Chick Peas (Chola)
  • 2l Oil
  • 3kg Sugar
  • 2kg Salt
  • 1kg Chillies
  • 0.5kg Spices
  • 5kg Onion
  • 1kg Dates
  • 0.5kg Vitamin Supplement
  • 2kg Carrots

Our Ramadan support packages are fully compliant and compatible of your contributions of zakat, fidya and sadaqa. If you are donating Zakat please click the checkbox when making your payment. We hope that not only are your donations accepted with the intention in which you give but that also the Rohingya can benefit nutritionally from the food packs too.


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