Photography competition

Submit your photos between
October 1st to October 31st 2012

The rules:

  1. Snap a picture that answers this question:
    What does 'human rights' mean to you?
    It can be abstract or not! Be creative!
  2. Email us the photograph; with your name, location and description of the photograph to: [email protected]
  3. Once all photographs are submitted by October 31st 2012, Restless Beings will upload your picture onto our website.
  4. Your picture will then have 2 weeks from the 1st of November to be voted up, tell all your friends!
  5. The general public will have a period of two weeks to vote for their favourite picture.
  6. The top three photos with the most likes will win prizes!


  • Winning photograph will be used for one of the RestlessBeings human rights campaigns in 2013
  • Photography lesson with a professional photographer
  • Statement sweatshirt
  • RestlessBeings Products (Tshirt/Pen/Bag/Keyring/Pencil/Stickers)

Terms and Conditions

  1. Photographers maintain rights to their photographs but Restless Beings has the right to display the image with attribution.
  2. The pictures must not contain any nudity, violence, or explicit images deemed inappropriate or unsuitable for young children.
  3. The photographer must not have made any modifications to the photograph using technology such as photoshop that alters the image.
  4. The photograph must not have previously won any other competitions.
  5. If the photograph does not follow any of these conditions, Restless Beings has the right to remove any photograph from the competition.
  6. One photograph submission per person.
    A huge thanks to our supporters and partners in this campaign - Emerald Network, Statemeant & Aliway.

Here is a submission from Jessica Wong, one the participants of the competition. She says "Human right is like the man standing and looking into the lake so peacefully without restriction or curfew. Just like the scenery at Richmond Park it could happen in anywhere in the world."

Here is a submission from Suzanne Hafezi, who has submitted this picture to the competition. She says "I have this necklace which always reminds me of a quote by the Sufi poet, Rumi: "God turns you from one feeling to another and teaches you by means of opposites, so that you will have two wings to fly - not one". Surely that's what human rights should ensure?”

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