University Challenge 2012-13

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Restless Beings is a grassroots human rights charity with a passion to support, voice and champion the rights of some of the most persecuted and oppressed communities across the world.

We have launched our first ever national student competition! We are looking for young activists across the UK to represent your university and join our SHOUTRestless Challenge, and as a result, raising awareness and championing the rights of some of the most neglected communities we work with.

We believe that students have the loudest voices and are at the heart of activism. Therefore we are recruiting teams from universities across the country to take Restless Beings to campus! We want you to join us in voicing some of the most marginalised and persecuted groups in the world and getting young people engaged and active in promoting forgotten causes.

Put together a university team and compete against universities across the country as to who can raise the biggest hype on campus for Restless Beings' projects. There will be a series of prizes at the end of the year for the student group who makes the biggest impact at their university for Restless Beings.

Your Task:

  • Raise awareness on your campus about Restless Beings and our projects.
  • You can do this in any way you want to, the only requirement is that you are CREATIVE!
  • Examples include: social events, student protests, gigs, online campaigns, bake sales, workshops, film making, flash mobs >> anything you can think of!

The Rules:

  • Get your friends together and sign up as a team of 'Restless Reps' and give yourself a name! Could be anything silly. Sign up by simply filling in the form below. If you don't have a team or your friends are not interested, thats cool, just sign up yourself :]
  • Sign up as an individual 'Restless Rep' with the view of getting people at your university involved and/or we will put you in contact with other individuals who sign up from your university so you can make a team.
  • Get involved as part of a society you are involved with. I.e. if you are on the executive committee for any human rights societies, cultural societies, food societies- ANY society but want to get involved with promoting Restless Beings through your network- sign up!
  • To increase the competitive vibe, MORE THAN ONE team can register from the same university!
  • This is a really flexible and fun way for students to get involved with grassroots human rights activism in a way that accommodates your studies and extra commitments. Whether you want to do one event or whether you want to do fifty, we are open and welcome to all!
  • If you have no team members, and are not part of a society, but still interested? thats great, sign up and we can advise you as to how you can do it all by yourself.

What is it in for you?

  1. You are using your energy, skills and passion to raise awareness for some of the most marginalised communities across the world whose voices are far too often ignored.
  2. Your activities will mean more people know about communities they have probably never heard of.
  3. Your time and effort will mean issues that are not spoken about will reach more people, as a result, more support to make a real tangible difference to these communities.
  4. You signing up and getting involved, means these communities will feel your solidarity and will be informed of how you are standing by their side and will not forget their struggle.
  5. Its fun and a great excuse for you to do all those crazy things you might want to do with your friends on campus - all for a good cause.
  6. PRIZES - we have some awesome prizes in store for the most active university. A list of prizes will be on this page very very soon over the weeks.
    Please join the nationwide student led charge for change and sign up for SHOUTRestless today.

Make your voices count.

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Once we receive your application, we will contact you within 24 hours and give you some advice/and answer any questions you may have :) If you are experiencing any problems with the form or wish to speak to one of us, drop us an email at [email protected]

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