Saturday 15th November 2008.
1.30 pm to 3.30 pm
Tottenham Court Road to Marble Arch, London

We at Restless Beings have teamed up with an agency, 'Model Advice', to bring a little confusion, interruption and diversion to the shopping and coffee drinking masses this Saturday (15th November) with the 'Restless Beings - Stopping the Human Traffic'.

In the name of charity, models will brave the elements and snake their way from Tottenham Court Road to Bond Street station hand in hand. - How they do it and for how long - well, you will just have to come along and see! ;)

This will be a unique spectacle to the capital's Christmas shoppers as they watch an aesthetically pleasing protest against human rights violations and acts of marginalisation that occur on a daily basis in our global community. It is once again an opportunity for Restless Beings to take their unique brand of charity and visual protest direct to its staunchest supporters, the London public. With full possibility of causing mayhem along the bustling Oxford Street, no doubt, this will be an inspiring display of strength that we can all rejoice in against oppressive powers and taboos in impoverished communities.

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