Queen Mary Campaign

1st April 2011
1pm @ Library Square, Queen Mary University

There are over 333,290 street children in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Everyday these children are subjected to:

Sexual Assault
Verbal Abuse
Child Labour
QUEEN MARY RESTLESS BEINGS AIM on the 1st of April is to raise funds to help maintain a rehabilitation centre for street children in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Every penny will go towards the RestlessBeings Rehabilitation Centre & Home where these children can feel safe and have food, education and medical care.


Sustain Hope & Change

Warwick Campaign

The Restless Beings StreetChildren: Silent but Suffering campaign made its mark in Warwick University on Tuesday, 15th March 2011. The campaign was predominantly aimed at raising funds for the rehabilitation centre for the street children in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The rehabilitation centre is one of Restless Beings' key projects; it is a refuge for homeless children in Dhaka - a place where these children, who are subjected to mental, physical and sexual abuse every day, can feel safe and have food, education and medical care.

In order to raise money for the project, the Warwick RB team put on a silent demonstration in which they recreated the scenes on the streets of Bangladesh. Members of the team, as well as their friends who supported the campaign, sat silently on the floor of the University campus with placards round their necks and on nearby trees with through-provoking messages and hard-hitting facts on them. The placards would read anything from "We need homes" to "There are over 333,290 street children in Dhaka, Bangladesh". The message was clear –there are children who are being tortured, prostituted and malnourished and they need our support - and the response from the students at the University of Warwick was phenomenal. As a result of the generous donations from the students, the Warwick RB team raised £117.34 for the rehabilitation centre, and all this in just two hours!

Since Restless Beings is still relatively new to Warwick, the Warwick RB team thought it was important to continue to raise awareness of the charity as well as fundraising. As a result the green and yellow Restless Beings hand was plastered all over Library Square as well as a message taped to the floor which read "RESTLESS". To explain the silent demonstration, the Warwick RB team handed out campaign specific leaflets informing the potential 'change makers' of the dire living conditions of the Bangladeshi street children, this was then followed by a statement concerning what their donations will be used for.

The campaign was a huge success and touched the hearts of many passers-by who donated generously as a result. With every campaign they do the Warwick RB team are reaching out to more and more people and telling the story of those who live in a community where their rights and even their existence are neglected.

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