Over the next ten days, (August 21st to August 30th), we're asking you guys to take part in our Ten Day Challenge.

Through recent donations, we are planning on expanding our reach of street children in Dhaka, Bangladesh to feed more than 350 hungry children who are living on the streets alone and open to a world of abuse, criminality and a swathe of social maladies associated with living in street slums. The next ten days represent the last ten days of the fasting season in Bangladesh which culminates with the celebration of Eid. Most of the children that we work with are either from broken families or are fending completely for themselves, and this celebration of Eid for the masses, leads to a complete withdrawal for our children who often spend Eid on deserted streets of Dhaka or if they're lucky maybe huddled together reminiscing or wishing of the small luxuries of life.

In light of this, with your help, we are hoping to give a small gift to each of these children for Eid (this will be in adition to feeding 350 children - a hearty nourishing special Eid meal). Most of the children have only one or two items of clothing and spend their whole day walking around barefoot exposed to sharp blades, syringes, loose stones etc. The gift we want to give to each of the children is a set of clothes (colourful to match their personalities :) and a pair of sandals to protect their feet over the coming weeks and months.

Each gift set (clothes and sandals) will cost just £7.50 and you have the opportunity of providing them with this vital and beautiful sentiment. You can pay for once childs gift - £7.50, two children - £15 or for a group of six children for just £45. Once you've made your payment, we will send you a picture of the child with their gift within a few days once we have distributed the gifts. These aren't life changing gifts, but the gift of giving each of these children an opportunity to celebrate Eid, to feel like a part of the rest of society represents pockets of change for each and every one of these children :)

We have sold out on the gift packs!
If you would still like to contribute
Please donate to Restless Beings

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