The week of 29th January 2011 saw the return of One World Week (OWW) at the University of Warwick; a non-profit initiative aimed to celebrate the diversity of the world’s cultures in the promotion of global unity and solidarity.

Having started 16 years ago as a single day event, OWW has now grown into a nine day extravaganza where Warwick University’s campus comes alive with debates and discussions, parades and performances and a large host of sports and games. The enthusiasm and commitment of over 225 volunteers and 20,000 participants makes OWW the biggest student run event in the world.

This year, having launched its brand new Student Network, Restless Beings has created its first ever University student group. Designed to inspire the youth of today to engage with issues of global injustice via Restless Beings’ work, students at Warwick have stormed campus with the Restless Beings brand and message; voicing the voiceless.

Starting with the colourful festival of OWW, Warwick Restless Beings' first campaign took place on Carnival night on Tuesday 1st February, an outdoor array of dance and musical performances amidst blowing whistles, waving glow sticks, fire juggling and masses of students. Having affiliated with Warwick Breakdance Society, a group of twenty massively energetic, dynamic and talented dancers took to the stage in Restless Beings attire. Wearing slogan t-shirts with the likes of 'Voice the Voiceless', 'I am a Restless Being', 'Stop Child Abuse' and 'I Love Humanity', the bboys freestyled their unique messages of change, solidarity and restlessness to the crowds.

As the performance came to a close, and the audience wondered the meaning behind the green hand Daniel Heimler; final year law student and founder of organisation Dance 4 Justice took the mic and delivered a powerful speech on the work of Restless Beings and the potential young people have to make positive change in the world.

Being a part of OWW via the Warwick Student Group, Restless Beings has sought to outreach to new supporters in the pursuit of making long lasting change. This has been the first Restless Beings initiative at Warwick with many more to follow. The green hand has made its mark. And it is here to stay.

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