On Saturday 14th December, Restless Beings hosted a night of live music showcasing some of the best up and coming home grown artists in London. The night saw people from all walks of life come together on a cold winter evening to vibe to some great music all in the name of supporting and sustaining our ongoing projects. With the likes of Mychelle, Janel Antoneshia and Bluesforthehorn singing covers to some of our favourite tracks of the decade the audience couldn’t help but get involved and sing along too.

Our Assam project leader, Tasnima started the night off with a reminder to the audience of the current dire situation in Assam, bringing home the reason everyone had really come out that night: to support and advocate for human rights. This was shortly followed by speeches by Directors and founders of Restless Beings, Mabrur and Rahima, who spoke about the importance of not becoming complacent and losing hope at a time where it seems like a constant barrage of upsetting news is almost making us immune to it. Mabrur spoke of the situation in Panjab, a project we are currently working on. He spoke of Human Rights day where we vowed never again to genocide ‘and since then never again has been yet again’. Rahima spoke of the nature of being a Restless Being and the need to agitate and dismantle systems. Rahima spoke of the privilege of being able to be restless and the need to be active in this restless state. She spoke of our past and present projects and the people we have continuously campaigned for from the Uighurs to Kashmir.

Restless Beings Founders Mabrur Ahmed (left) and Rahima Begum (right)

As the night grew old, the crowd didn’t appear to be getting tired with the event ending in what can only be described as ‘the most epic karaoke session EVER’. It was heartwarming to see how many people had turned up in support of Restless Beings and the work that we do. With this being the final event of the year and indeed of the decade, we let the audience know about an incredible lineup of events we have ready for the new year and called out for them to continue to support us so we at Restless Beings can continue to dismantle and agitate. A huge thank you to everyone that came out and supported us on the night, and a special thanks to the incredible artists who performed for us.

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Ramadan 2024

Where is it?

RichMix, Bethnal Green Rd, Shoreditch, London E1 6LA


When is it?

December 14th
8pm – 11pm

What about tickets?

Single Admission: £10

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