Whats Going On???!!

Hey All!

I haven’t blogged on here for a while now, so firstly i would like to extend my apologies I know all of you must have missed me so much, lol.

Ok so where to start.... so much has happened over the past 8 weeks or so.  We had our first meeting which was open to all at the Idea Store in Whitechapel and it went really well. We discussed the ideas of the first event and also of project 1, Dhaka street children.

From there onwards, we formalized a board.  The make up of the board is alarmingly diverse which is fantastic.  we have appointed two non executive directors, Saleh Ahmed and Mohammed Abdul Alim who are in advisory positions for Restless Beings.  We also have a co-coordinator in Bangladesh who is leading our efforts there.  In the UK we have a bunch of board members who are full of energy, raring to get on with our first project.

I visited Bangladesh over the Xmas period...what an experience; I met some of the street children that are in Shishu Tori care.  Shishu Tori are really doing a fantastic job there and we hope to form a long lasting partnership with them.  Also while I was there, I visited some slum areas and I honestly cannot describe in words the conditions which they are living in.  Thankfully, I have filmed everything and so the good news is that we shall soon have a short docu that everyone can watch to truly understand the scale of problems that these hapless children are facing.

On my return, we have held another board meeting where our strategy for project one has been discussed.  We will be meeting again in the next week or so to finalize these plans, so watch this space.  Unfortunately, one of the directors has also gone through a very distressing time, having lost one of her parents.  I hope we will all sincerely pray for the deceased and also for the family.

We shall be back very shortly, and more than ever before, we will have an action plan which includes all of us, including you the reader.  we may not be able to eradicate child abuse and poverty, but we most definitely will have positive impact on some lives.  The success depends upon how active we chose to be!

posted by Mabrur