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A new music night in support of marginalised communities

Friday 20 December 2013
@ 7pm
RichMix, 35 - 47 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA

Online ticket sales closed - Tickets available on door for £12

Bringing together the new eclectic sounds of nowness.
Come and join us and celebrate the work of artists from all walks of life.
Your presence will also help sustain the work we are doing for neglected children, abused women and persecuted communities across Asia.


Tickets are just £10! Get your now to avoid disappointment! See below for the amazing artists you will get to see for what works out as £2 an artist!

End the year with explosive sounds and a nod towards positive humanitarian changes.


In essence, TYTHE is the fully formed pseudonym of Julian Peck; a reincarnation of the amalgamated parts of his previously lived musical experiences - having worked on various collaborations, remixes and re-edits under different guises in the past. Although a producer of certain skill, TYTHE goes beyond studio aplomb and knob twiddling. While tipping its hat to the avant-garde, And Also With You can still evoke every sunlit morning-after and every future frolic in a field. With popping beats and euphoric lifts of the finest dance music tradition, lead single Careless Woman peaks with full-throated vocal sample, while Run Into The Sun and Set in Drone are built on tougher ground, there’s a psych-hop detour with cult folktronica artist Merz (Summerbelly) and a ghostly vocal contribution from Rachael Dadd on The Light.


The term 'Music with a Message' has never been so relevant. The band is new on the scene and has been receiving great exposure through intimate gigs all over the UK. From extremely clever lyrics and word play to amazing guitar riffs and an addictive drum beat, they are dubbed to be one of the rising stars of 2014. See them for the first time in London at ReFused!

Baby Queens

Criss-crossing the narrow divide between rock, hip hop, soul and reggae, incomparable female five piece, Baby Queens reveal details of their debut EP. A blissed out, musical odyssey that promises big things for the future. The sickly sweet overtures one might expect from an all-girl band are ditched in favor of beats that force the melodic content to the fore, with the principles of classic soul and R’n’B song writing catching up with the present day sounds of British street genres. Lavishly layered vocals are wrapped up in slick production that marks out Baby Queens’ intentions to push boundaries and reintroduce to the masses what a vocal group with melody and beats in their hearts is all about. The delicate, fragile and understated is pitted against unconventional and low-down, dirty aural combinations.

Milo M

Milo M is a fascinating new songwriter. How Milo M isn't something of a household name already is beyond us, but his track 'Suburbia' is surely the first-step in achieving as much. For every idealistic summer escape, 98% of normal people spend their time dumbfounded by the beauty of a hot day. They'll either be drunk, bleary-eyed, or too concerned with not having the backs of their neck savaged by the midday heat. Milo M's debut track captures the balmy atmosphere of the closing hours of a beautiful day. It's when life settles into a busied flow, where you're sunken and satisfied from the blazing sun, ready to enter the night. Downcast and enchantingly moody, there’s hints of Dylan, amidst touches of Kim Janssen and The Tallest Man On Earth, yet adopting a more mystical atmosphere


Siloet are a North London-based duo featuring Samuel J Welch and Liam Gallagher.

Crafting Commercial Indie Bass, a cross-genre sound of their own construction that blends vocals and guitar with their electronic production. Following the success of their first release, 'Control', last year, the producer duo 'Siloet' are back on the scene to showcase their new live set.

While they both have distinct roles in the band - Sam sings, Liam plays guitar - they collaborate on the creative process of songwriting and producing their tracks. The result is a mellow electronic and misty-pop vibe, that is fresh and exciting, while still being accessible to a mainstream audience.

While Siloet's recorded tracks showcase the duo's talents as producers, their live set gives the songs an earthier vibe. The set they have prepared for ReFused sees the duo accompanied by Courtenay on keys, and Will on drums. All songs will be heard for the first time at this special, live event - you heard it at ReFused first!

Online ticket sales closed - Tickets available on door for £12
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Event summary

A new music night in support of marginalised communities
Event scheduled on: Friday, 20 December 2013 at 19:00
Venue address: Rich Mix, 35 - 47 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA