OP-ED: Call Me Rohingya


Almost 200 million people tuned into the dystopian world of Eurovision last Saturday where they spurred on a Ukrainian song called 1944 about the persecution of the Tartar in Crimea under Stalin. To mark up the contrast of the world that we live in, there is a population of just over a million, 1 million, a 0.005% of the viewership of the Eurovision song contest, in Burma who right now, not in...

By Mabrur Ahmed | 17 May 2016



A new era dawns for Myanmar as they elected Htin Kyaw as the country’s first non-military president, since the army took power in a 1962 coup. He, however, dedicated his victory to the leader of the NLP (National League for Democracy) as he addressed the crowd by stating: “This is Aung San Suu Kyi’s victory! I have become President because of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s goodwill and loving kindness”. 

By Undleeb Red | 05 April 2016

Burma's Election Promises Continuation of Abuses Against Ethnic Minorities


In a short few days, Burma will go to the polls for a parliamentary elections that have long been heralded as the symbol of change from despotic leadership to a fledging new democracy. It is widely expected that the NLD (the party of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi) will sweep to victory. But will this change anything for the millions of ethnic minorities that have long championed Suu Kyi as the saviour...

By Mabrur Ahmed | 03 November 2015

5th Nov 2015 - Public Demonstration Calling For End of Genocide Against Rohingya




Whilst Burma waits and is on the cusp of a general election in early November, the world waits with baited breath to see if life improves for the many ethnic groups of Burma who have faced decades of marginalization. The Rohingya, whom the UN has long claimed to be 'one of the most persecuted...

By Mabrur Ahmed | 02 November 2015

Saira Viola Interview


With words that beam conviction, she is an acclaimed poet and novelist to whom it seems eloquence comes easily. Not only did Saira Viola pen a special piece for the Rohingya - a community we have worked for extensively, she also lent more of her time to us for an interview in which we discuss everything from her time in Africa, political art and gentrification to her latest crime novel ‘Jukebox’.

By Jamal Mehmood | 22 September 2015

Langsa Rohingya Refugee Camp Visits by Restless Beings Directors

In the Langsa area of Aceh province in Indonesia, there are currently three main temporary camps for Rohingya refugees and Bangladeshi migrants.  Currently the camps are being administered by IOM (International Organisation for Migration).

In Kuala Langsa there are two sections to the camp, one for Rohingya males and one for Bangladeshi migrant males. In total this camp holds 173 people,...

By Mabrur Ahmed | 23 August 2015

31 Rohingya Refugees Feared To Be Smuggled Into Prostitution in Indonesia

Restless Beings has obtained documentation from State Government meetings in Aceh and Sumatra regions of Indonesia regarding the disappearance of 31 Rohingya women and children since July 25th 2015.  The refugees had escaped the camps as they were being relocated by IOM to another camp as a result of a report of sexual harassment in the female camp the day before.

The IOM (Institute of...

By Mabrur Ahmed | 11 August 2015

Flooding And Food Shortages For Rohingya in Leda Camp


Heavy monsoon rains have caused widespread destruction in Bangladesh's Teknaf region and Burma's Arakan state with more misery inflicted on the lives of countless thousands of Rohingya in the region. In Bangladesh, reports of flooding have affected upwards of 100,000 Rohingya in refugee camps. One of the worst affected is Leda Bazaar camp where 13,000 unregistered refugees have been...

By Mabrur Ahmed | 29 June 2015

No Solution in Sight For Rohingya Crisis


The stark reality is that there are still around 2,500 Rohingya who are stranded in the Andaman Sea. Their exact location is unknown. Their exact number is unknown and the condition of those on board is unknown.

The families they’ve left behind, their compatriots who have managed to reach shores, their extended families who are overseas are known as the ‘forgotten people’;...

By Mabrur Ahmed | 04 June 2015

Momentum Gathers For Solution As Philippines Offers A Haven


The Philippines have made an offer to accept upto 3,000 Rohingya as refugees who are currently stranded at sea. Following local reports that Philippines had also rejected the notion of accepting Rohingya, the Justice Secretary Leia de Lima, spoke on Monday of an obligation to assist political asylum seekers. 

Earlier today, Vivian Tan of UNHCR had informed Restless Beings that 330...

By Mabrur Ahmed | 19 May 2015