Rohingya situation worsens as temporary citizenship cards are revoked


This week saw a worsening of the plight of the Rohingya as the Burmese government decided to invalidate temporary citizenship cards, also known as ‘white cards’. The cards are identity documents which, until this point, afforded holders with some basic rights such as the right to vote. However, the decision to invalidate the cards by 31 March means that those handing back the documents will be unable to vote in the upcoming constitutional referendum. 

By Sophie Jane | 25 February 2015

Obama Urged to #JustSayTheirName


On the backdrop of more than 15,000 Rohingya having fled Burma in the past month heading to Thailand and Malaysia for sanctuary, President Obama arrives into Naypitaw on Thursday (13th Novemeber 2014) to begin his second round of diplomatic talks with the Burmese government.  It is widely anticipated that Obama will address the Burmese public on Friday who...

By Mabrur Ahmed | 11 November 2014

Continual Arbitrary Arrests and Abuse for Rohingya


The intensity of arbitrary arrests and abuse cases has been increasing and widespread reports of incidents have been reported in recent days and weeks across Arakan state in Burma. Late yesterday, (Friday 17th Oct) reports began surfacing of the violent abuse and eventual murder of a Rohingya villager from Naisa Faru in Maungdaw township, North Arakan.

Having been arrested...

By Mabrur Ahmed | 18 October 2014

Leaked documents reveal Burmese government plans to attack Rohingya minority


Leaked government documents and images emerged late last night outlining plans to further unsettle the Rohingya population in Arakan, Myanmar. Minutes from a high-level meeting between Than Shwe, the brutal ex-leader of military Burma, and other senior officials detail plans to remove INGO's, instigate further attacks on Rohingya villages during March and April and to target Rohingya leaders in September.

By Mabrur Ahmed | 28 February 2014

Attacks on the Rohingya in Arakan continue


The situation in Arakan is comparable to that of Gunatanamo Bay in that all information of conditions and treatment are largely unreported according to Vice Minister of Information in Burma, Ye Tut, speaking with Radio Free Asia last Saturday.

By Foreda Begum | 07 February 2014

Violence Looms Large Over Arakan


Reports of Rohingya camps being burned down and destroyed across Pauk Taw, Sittwe have brought fears that an upturn in violence against Rohingya in Burma has begun. In a day of violent outbursts across the Arakan region, there were also wide scale arrests in Maungdaw. This comes amid a spate of anger thought to originate following the death of a Rakhine man...

By Foreda Begum | 14 January 2014

Violence erupts after U.N Resolution urges Myanmar to grant Rohingya citizenship


Yesterday night at around 7:50 PM, violence broke out in the main municipal market of Maungdaw, Arakan.  Rakhine Buddhist burned 7 shops belonging to Muslims and another 12 were looted; all taking place whilst the Rohingya were homebound because of their strict curfew, leaving them defenseless as the Rakhine destroyed their main source of livelihood.

By Foreda Begum | 24 November 2013

Sittwe IDP Camps Report 2013


Earlier this year, we had researched the Sittwe registered and unregistered IDP camps to highlight the living conditions of the Rohingya who were moved to the area after the Summer attacks in June 2012. We strived to bring attention to the lack food, water, aid and shelter in the registered camps but also focus on the unregistered camps who did not receive anything at all.

By Foreda Begum | 20 October 2013

Pres Thein Sein To Visit Arson Attack Township


President Thein Sein is due to visit Thandwe township tomorrow 2nd October, following large scale destruction and arson across many villages in Arakan state, Burma. Having already praised Wira Thu, the hate speech monk and poster boy of the '969' fascist movement thought to be responsible for recent attacks, it is widely expected that Thein Sein will not publically call for...

By Mabrur Ahmed | 01 October 2013

Fresh Racial Attacks On Communities Across North East Burma


1st October 2013: Late this morning Kaman muslim communities came under attack in Thandwe township, north-east Burma.  The troubled region has seen a flurry of attacks recently in the past fortnight and the fresh attacks come as Vice President of Burma visits the area.

As has been seen with previous tensions, houses have been set alight belonging to Kaman families and upto 30 houses...

By Mabrur Ahmed | 01 October 2013