Who says restlessness has an age restriction?

Restless Beings teamed up with YOUth Inspire for a day of inspiration and engagement. YOUth Inspire is an educational initiative seeking to nurture a voice of change amongst the younger generation. The movement seeks to inspire young people to creatively engage with a broad spectrum of diverse issues, including the rule of law, human rights and current affairs.

Restless Beings was chosen as the charity partner for YOU*th Inspire’s event - Inspire Enlighten Change 2013, which was hosted by Warwick University. Along with three other workshops, Restless Beings organised a workshop that showed pupils from Year 7 to 12 how to actively engage in human rights action on a grass-roots level.

The students having watched our documentaries and campaign videos, compared and discussed different ways Restless Beings approach the public in order to make our campaigns appealing. The students were incredibly keen and came up with several imaginative ideas for raising funds, specifically for our 100 Kids campaign which is aiming to create a Restless Beings Village for 100 of the most marginalised and vulnerable street children in Bangladesh. They came up with some brilliant campaigns, and we are very much looking forward to the schools’ creative fundraising endeavours!

The event was a great success and Restless Beings and You*th both commented on how much they look forward to collaborating together again in the future.

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