Despite the ongoing human rights abuses in Myanmar with restrictions to constitutional reform, freedom of religion, minority rights and even being inescapably accountable for the genocide of the Rohingya, the international community continues to appease Myanmar President Thein Sein.

Instead of being pressured via economic sanctions as per the UN Responsibility to Protect initiative as the citizens of Myanmar face genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and ethnic cleansing , the EU and US have both eased all but arms sanctions with the country.

Instead of being prosecuted in the International Criminal Court, President Thein Sein was in fact honoured with the In Pursuit of Peace Award by the International Crisis Group.

The latest absurdity, is the welcoming and hosting of President Thein Sein to the UK from July 14th, reported to cost around £30,000 of the tax payers money and Thein Sein commenting supposed reform at this event.

In response to the UK visit of Thein Sein, who is responsible and accountable for the displacement of over 130,000 Rohingya and continued torture and deaths of thousands we want to hear your opinion on why YOU are #RestlessForRohingya.


Step 1. Watch the #RestlessForRohingya video
Step 2. Create a short (no more than 20 seconds) video of your opinions using YouTube, Vine, InstaVideo or Keek saying why you are #RestlessForRohingya.
Step 3. Tweet the link of your video to @restlessbeings using the hash tag #RestlessForRohingya and email the original footage to
We will then share each video and collate them all to create one final #RestlessForRohingya video.

This is your platform.

Voice the Voiceless.

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