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A Date with the RestlessBeings Summer 2011

On the hot summers evening of August the 12th, a group of change makers settled within "Jungle Braii", a restaurant situated in the centre of East London. These change makers came together with the idea of voicing the voiceless and echoing the unheard cries of 5 diverse communities situated all over the world, over a simple, intimate dinner with Restless Beings.

The evening was a spectacular evening with old faces and new ones that were all passionate about helping those that are in need and raising money for the hungry drought victims of East Africa and The Restless Beings Human rights Projects.

As the guests were greeted at the door, they were handed little cards with a picture of an animal to get them in the jungle fever. The evening kicked off with a short introduction to Restless Beings and their projects. A simple breakdown on the Bangladeshi Street Children and the horrendous abuse they suffer, The Rohingya Community that have been persecuted and driven out of their country to a place where they are seen as a burden and simply denied of humanitarian aid. The Uighur Community in and around Kyrgyzstan where Women's Rights are snatched from them as they are constantly looking over their backs in order to avoid becoming a victim of "Ala Kachuu" (Bride Kidnapping) and the Roma Gypsy Community where they are subjected to racial attacks and regularly discriminated, forcing the younger generation leave school at an early age with very little or and poor education even in a state like Great Britain.

The Co-founders of the organisation also reminded the room full of people about another international problem that we are seeing plastered over newspapers and our screens at home. The drought in East Africa has been the worst in a long time causing starvation and illness amongst a high number of the population. With no clean water and no sign of crops, tens of thousands are already dead with and many more on the brink of starvation. Restless Beings could not stand back and watch humanity fizzle away and took it upon themselves to donate any money raised on the night towards the East Africa appeal.

Soon after the laughter and smiles continued as the guests scrambled to find others with matching animal cards. We had Lions roaring in one corner, Zebra's galloping in the other, Butterflies fluttering around, Parrots squawking at the far end and many other species congregating. The next task was for the groups of animals to design a t-shirt that had slogans of why they were restless and the most creative design would be chosen and printed onto T-shirts that would be sold on the Restlessbeings website.

As the bellies rumbled, flavoursome dishes of South African cuisine were served amongst the tables decorated with fresh fruits, refreshments, homemade cupcakes and colourful sweets. The guests rejoiced over food and continued to enjoy the night with mingling and joyful banter.

The sold out event was a beautiful success with a room packed with over 70 likeminded activists helping us to raise an amazing total of just over £1680 through ticket sales and pledges that will be divided between the Restless Beings Projects and an incredible total of over £635 all through donations on the night from guests for the emergency appeal for the food crisis in East Africa. The support seen on the night was an overwhelming to see people come together and selflessly support these communities all over the world.

But it doesn't end here. Turn your whispers into shouts and spread the word so we can make an impact and guide these communities away from a restless life because without your support there is no change, no justice, and no means to an end.

Love, Lights and Lollipops!