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Gaza FullSTOP

This special event was in collaboration with the School of Thought to raise money in aid of those being persecuted in Gaza. In memory of the people who have lost all that they have. And in support of those still under the darkness of injustice and hypocrisy.

Esteemed speakers and passionate performers saturated the night with their sorrows and disbelief of the atrocity faced and mass murder committed on the innocents of Gaza.

In this night artists came together to creatively express and highlight the frustrations and powerlessness we feel when witnessing the basic human rights being stripped off from the defenceless. When daylight massacre is committed and nothing is done to stop it; when no one stands forward to be saviours for the weak; and when even the act of providing medical and food aid is denied without explanation.

This night gave the message that though we are far away from the afflicted area, we feel their pain and wish to fulfil the title of being 'human'. Heartfelt prayers and donations were made by those who attended as well as the hope of supplying essential aid for the injured and affected.

Guest speakers include:

  • GEORGE GALLOWAY (politician, activitist)
  • YVONNE RIDLEY (Media personality, activist, journalist)
  • KEN O'KEEFE (Director of Aloha Palestine and activist)
  • AJMAL MASROOR (Media Personality, Imaam)
  • MAHA (Palestine Solidarity Campaign)
  • DAHLIA (Interpal Rep)

Talented performers include:

  • LowKey
  • Logic
  • Spitz
  • Mohammed Yahya
  • Aruba Red
  • Poetic Pilgrimage
  • QuestRah with Phonetikz & DPZ
  • Purple
  • Take2
  • Pearls of Islam
  • Masikah
  • Umar (beat boxer)
  • Jamal Kalan (Poet )

Supported by the lovely people at:

  • Interpal
  • Platform Magazine
  • Victor Stone
  • Queen Mary BSoc
  • InsideDesi
  • Eclectic Azure
  • Savortex
  • No18Studios
  • Network Bangla
  • Sylhet in London
  • Cinema Libre
  • NuVibes
  • IDEEN Media
  • Second Phaze Design
  • Muslim Youth Helpline
  • Enchanted Beauty
  • Muslimyouth.net
  • Aerosal Arabic
  • Just Muslim
  • Cheeky Maggot Productions
  • Aloha Palestine
  • Palestine Solidarity Campaign
  • Islamic Design House