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Still Restless

An event that marked the one-year anniversary of the launch of Restless Beings.

An occasion that brought together some of London's finest unsigned artists to celebrate the achievements of the organisation and its supporters during its maiden year.

The night was interspersed with mesmerising entertainment, delectable foods, an exclusive film screening and a splash of Restless Beings' signature lollipops - all for the impoverished street children of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

From start to finish, the venue was heaving with an audience that knew how to have a good time. Guests, kind in their intentions, and urbane in their taste, were presented with a host of eclectic and diverse entertainment to feast their eyes and ears on. Food for thought was provided by the first ever public viewing of a documentary filmed by Mabrur Ahmed, co-founder of Restless Beings, during a research trip to Dhaka. The plight of the street children was laid bare, and the audience digested the dangers faced by the forgotten children, day after day.

The event celebrated the successes of the fresh and vibrant approach - a signature mark of Restless Beings and its supporters " to tackling the long-standing injustice of street children. There was much to be collectively proud of, but it was abundantly clear that there was a lot more to do. And this was the great challenge that was imprinted onto the minds of performers and supporters alike: more awareness needed to be raised, more campaigners needed to be recruited and more donors needed to come forward. In short, more people needed to really care about the great number of children who are forced to abandon their childhood for the worst possible type of adulthood. The atmosphere was charged with this realisation, and that had to have been the best part of Still Restless.