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Set in the art deco interior of Hackney Town Hall, London, Restless Beings presented Syntheties- a celebration of the 5 years of restless change since our launch in 2008!

Monochrome themed, we presented the transparent work of Restless Beings in black and white, celebrating the progress of our current projects- Bangladesh Street Kids, Ala Kachuu, Stateless Rohingya and Roma Engage. One of the many surprise announcements throughout the night was the revelation of our two new projects- Bantu SGBV and Kashmir PSA, which are still very much in their research stage, but moving fast in development!

Opened by LAW with her symphonious vocals and captivating performance, Syntheties had officially begun! Blacked out, with pops of targeted coloured lighting LAW’s debut to the Restless Beings crowd created an hauntingly mesmerising performance. Meshing eastern melodies and western beats, the fast rising producer Kirk Spencer with Louis Scott stunned our restless monochromers who vibed with his dreamy electro synth til the dubstep kicked it’s way enthralling them for more. DJ Jolie Soze and Jose The Mime Artist went down a comedic storm engaging and ‘playing’ with the restless beings towards the end of the night!

The night also played debut to our new Restless Beings mini documentaries, which will be out and available soon for you to watch and share!

We’d like to say a massive mushy and heart felt thank you so all that have supported Restless Beings over the last 5 years and in particular everyone who attended and made Syntheties possible! On the night, we received numerous standing orders and over £500 was donated in our little fund raising buckets!

We’d like to give a big shout out to our fantastic sponsors on the night; Papadoms who provided an amazing abundance of food, Zazzabella’s for the hundreds of Restless Beings handy cupcakes and That Lovely Little Cakery for our monochromed 100Kids themed cake, Kiran Chahal for the awesome monochrome artwork, NFC Photography our official photographer taking some stunning shots of the event and the PA guys Concert Tech as well as Claims Expert and Tanzeel.

Check out the full album of photos on our facebook page