Hey all, just a quick update of the strategic decisions of the Restless Beings. It has been decided that we were to go for a not-for-profit status, and Restless Beings has now been registered with Companies House England and Wales. I am happy to announce that they were thrilled with our proposal and we were granted this status as of immeadiate effect.

Futhermore, we have been in touch with a number of different NGO's and charities doing some great work with children in street situations in Bangladesh and in particular Dhaka. We have discussed, digressed and discussed some more, and I am pleased to announce that Shishu Tori, a local NGO working with children on the streets of Dhaka have been selected to be our chosen working partner in Bangladesh. Currently we are discussing two projects which are of particular interest. Firstly, we have the 'Schools Under The Sky' project, which is held six days per week in two outdoor locations in Dhaka. Staff, hold lessons in english, bangla, math and hygiene. Typical attendance is around 25 per session. The second project is still in proposal stage. They have proposed to build a shelter for girls who have fallen victim to domestic and sexual violence. These girls are having sex with upto 12 men per day in return for a total of 50 Taka (about 40p). Their ages range from as young as 8 to 16.

Currently Shishu Tori, are funded by local donors i.e friends and family of the founders. Their resources are minimal yet their reach to kids is massive. We hope not only to raise funds from our proposed event but also to raise awareness and set up a long term collaboration with Shishu Tori. Watch This Space for more updates!!!!

Finally, we now have a group created on Facebook, so please do invite your friends to Restless Beings, the more beings that we have and the more restless that we are, the more people we can help!