Heavy monsoon rains have caused widespread destruction in Bangladesh's Teknaf region and Burma's Arakan state with more misery inflicted on the lives of countless thousands of Rohingya in the region.

In Bangladesh, reports of flooding have affected upwards of 100,000 Rohingya in refugee camps. One of the worst affected is Leda Bazaar camp where 13,000 unregistered refugees have been vying to keep themselves safe from the torrential rain.Despite these efforts, many roofs have caved in leaving families exposed to the forces of nature.

Over the weekend, further calamity struck in Leda camp where food shortages have led to many of the devout Rohingya Muslims fasting without food or clean water for more than 4 days. With no NGO's working in the Leda camp, there is now growing desperation and an urgent need for aid and relief.

The Teknaf region has seen political instability in recent weeks with many high profile politicians, chairmen and village leaders embroiled in the recent human trafficking saga of South East Asia. Without proper authorisation, aid agencies are finding it incredibly difficult to navigate supplies to those affected. In the Leda area, sitting chairmen Ayob Ali is on the run after allegations of his involvement in human trafficking. A by-election is due to take place in the coming days and it is widely anticipated that Dudu Miah will soon take the helm. A period of stability is absolutely essential if the area's refugee camp is to see emancipation from recent troubles.

The Institute of Migration has been working intermittently in the Leda camp, but without a consistent effort, the worsening monsoon rains and the onset of severe food shortages are set to continue with many lives at risk.

Restless Beings has been working with a number of aid agencies to try to initiate some sort of aid and relief and will pursue its efforts to facilitate positive outcomes for the refugees.

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