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Restless Beings FOR PAKISTAN

The evening of Thursday 26th August 2010 at Jungle Braai, London was an evening of restlessness. Restlessness about the state of the world and the current Pakistan plight. A form of restlessness which demanded unity and passion, powerful enough to deliver change to our world which it so desperately needs. It is in this vein that Restless Beings hosted their charity dinner for the victims of the Pakistan floods and raised a phenomenal £2,025 for DEC's Pakistan appeal.

The UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon speaking of Pakistan has asserted that 'these unprecedented floods demand unprecedented assistance.' The international response to Pakistan's plight has been fraught with delays and political tensions in its failure to provide this 'unprecedented assistance.' However, it is individuals who have stood up and claimed enough is enough. The power vested in people to campaign for change and make that difference could not be more apparent than in the generous hearts of friends, humanitarians and activists who came to support the Pakistan cause at Restless Beings' charity appeal on Thursday night.

Co-founders and Co-directors of Restless Beings, Mabrur Ahmed and Rahima Begum introduced the event highlighting what Rahima described as the 'holistic' nature of Restless Beings as an organisation. Despite Restless Beings not having any projects based in Pakistan, this event nonetheless was an emergency response born out of necessity and common humanitarian grounds. A short video was then shown to guests, displaying the plight of the Pakistan victims, the global response and DEC's appeal before the evening's guest speaker Ajmal Masroor took the floor. Ajmal commanded the room with his inspiring words, highlighting the need for humanity to take heed of their moral, social and religious duties to one another. It seemed the key message from Ajmal's speech, the video and the evening in general was the need to develop and nurture relations with fellow human beings, to reconnect with our brethren and to stop failing one another in times of need. It is with this powerful end that Ajmal began taking bids for donations before the time to open fast resulting in an amazing £1200 pledged across supporters in less than fifteen minutes.

With this fantastic amount already in tow, the evening progressed with great food, networking and further donations. In response to the success of the evening one of the evening's key guests; Rooful Ali founder of Emerald Network, an organisation which strives to unite Muslims through networking said "It is wonderful to see Restless Beings expand beyond their projects to respond to the Pakistan floods disaster. Their ability to be selfless should be commended and inspire others inshallah to do similar events." Similarly another guest Taslimah Yousuf commented "These events are really worthwhile as passionate people can really make a difference."

The UN estimates that 20 million people have been affected by the Pakistan floods and this will continue to increase. This is a call for action, a call for change. Not just for the disaster in Pakistan but campaigning for justice, peace and humanity across the world. Restless Beings is a humanitarian effort which seeks to work with marginalised communities across the world through campaigning for the prevention and relief of poverty and through actively promoting human rights.

You may view the Restless Beings film DEC Pakistan Floods Appeal which highlights the plight of the victims of the Pakistan Floods.