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Rohingya: The Human Story

Monday 23 July 2012

6.30pm - 8pm at the Brady Arts and Community Centre, 192-196 Hanbury Street, London, E1 5HU.

A special event for press and limited guests - a look at the human stories behind recent clashes and the ensuing state-led campaign against the Rohingya in Burma.

This event will start and end promptly - please arrive early and plan your travel accordingly.

Restless Beings has been campaigning for the Rohingya community since 2010.

Since recent clashes erupted and an ensuing ethnic cleansing began in June this year, Restless Beings have been at the forefront of activism and awareness in the UK for the Rohingya.

The following event is a special event planned for press and interested parties alike to look in depth at the human consequence of the recent tension. Pictures, audio and visuals of the human impact have been very rare to come across since the tensions began due to a lack of international observers.

Through our extensive network of contacts in Bangladesh and on the ground in Burma, we will be showing for the first time, exclusive footage taken from July 17th-19th.

A first hand experience through audio and pictures from Myanmar since the clashes began in June (previously unseen), an opportunity to hear from Rohingya community here in the UK of their experiences of Burmese brutality and an audience led analysis of next steps for the community.